2018 Winners

Static 1 Group Winners

 Results  Name  Entry Title
 First DNA  SG75 - Rewrite the Stars 
 Second  Team WEDJ Progress, for our Nation 
Third  Eunoia Junior College Latitude:
Global Citizenship & Advocacy
Our Sustainable Town 
Recognition  RVHS Group 2 Singapore 2040: Innovation for a Better Tomorrow 
Recognition Biometrics Team   A Cashless Society
Recognition  Concordia  A Nation of Possibilities: Working with Technology
to Achieve a Shared Vision for SG75


Static 1 Individual Winners

 Results  Name  Entry Title
 First  Wong Xing Le SG75: A Greener Singapore 
 Second Aakash Ramakrishna   SG75 – Future through my eyes
Third  Yeo Jin Ren Ryan SG Connect 
Recognition Ravichandran Divya Poorani  SG 75 – A walk ahead to our future 
Recognition  Ong Zhen Lun Lean, Green, Singapore 
Recognition Yen Ning-Yo   Fast forward into the future


Static 2 Group Winners

 Results  Name  Entry Title
 First  YTF Our Future Retail Stores 
 Second WAFFLEO  Our Vision for Singapore’s Future 
Third  LXXV  Bridge the Gap – A Better Future for Generations
Recognition  Saving the earth!  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
Recognition CCFYA  Our Homes in SG75 
Recognition Hua Yi Secondary School  An Eye into the Future 
Recognition DJKKZ.Ent  Smart Home


Static 2 Individual Winners

 Results  Name  Entry Title
 First Nurul Atikah Binte Mohamed Soffian  A Future of Inclusiveness with Technology
 Second  Ashley Seah En Flow with the river 
Third Reuben Mah  Singapore, Our New Underground Home 
Recognition Luvlyn Lim Enqi   Our Singapore Competition SG75 (17)
Recognition Soh Hwee Yi  Next 
Recognition Chaemin Lee   Our Singapore Competition SG 75 (10)
Recognition Jose Chow Yi  Our Future With The Aid of Technology


Dynamic Winners

 Results  Name  Entry Title
 First  Towards the Future_Gongshang Primary School Towards the Future for Singapore (Primary)
 Second  FLM SG75  Future Wish (Open)
Third  ITE College West Student Council  SG75 – Our Vision (Tertiary)



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