This Year's Theme (2020)

"The 20th Century was an era of unsustainable development... Our climate is in crisis, nature is in crisis and populations are threatened with global warming... Country or community, we must not only do well, we must do good in relation to climate change."

– Sir Mervyn King, world renowned corporate governance expert.


Singapore is a very small country.

The devastating effect of the Climate Crisis is a major threat to our way of life - and the entire world. We would be severely affected as the climate turns to the worst due to neglect, unsustainable development and the day-to-day habits of all other inhabitants of our planet.


By SG75, all we've built can be washed away if we're not prepared.

> Do we need to take a deep, communal look at our consumption and daily habits? 
> How much and where should we invest in fighting the climate crisis, keeping our infrastructure intact, and upholding our current way of life?


How can Singapore punch above our weight to influence the world in this fight?



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