This Year's Theme (2023)



Many Faces, Many Races, One Singapore


Our theme this year celebrates one of our nation’s greatest strengths: the harmony and cohesion of our multi-faceted society – and recognises it among our greatest responsibilities to uphold.


Over the past few decades, we have successfully built a home in which disparate communities can live as equals supported by the law - regardless of race, language or religion.


Today, in the midst of social strife and racial conflict, as well as new economic and geo-political challenges, can our unity in diversity stand the test of time?


What else can we do to weave our social fabric more tightly together? How can we ensure our society remains strong enough to weather any future storm? And how will we surpass and soar above the social harmony most of us enjoy today?


Share your ideas

In essays, pictures or motion media, share with us your vision of how we can build a stronger and more unified Singapore. How would you shape the way we think and behave toward one another, and the places we live, work and play?




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